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Video Transfer to DVD and Digital HD

They don’t sell video-recorders in Curry’s any more. Now they are confined to the darker corners of eBay.

VHS is very much yesterday’s technology. So, dig out those old home videos of weddings, christenings, birthdays or just wholesome family fun, and let us transfer them to DVD or Digital HD.

As with all our media, this comes personally packaged in a DVD presentation case with a personally designed disk and wraparound sleeve.

Our Costs

Costs for VHS / S-VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, Hi-8mm / Digital 8mm and Mini-DV video tape transfer to DVD and Digital HD

Time/Duration of video tape Cost – all tapes transferred to quality branded DVDs
Up to 60 minutes £18
60 to 120 minutes £25
120 to 180 minutes £30
Over 180 minutes Contact us for price
Additional copies £10 each

Transferring video – the facts you need to know

VHS / S-VHS to DVD or Digital

VHS tape to DVD

VHS stands for Video Home System. Since the 1970s when it was developed in Japan, the VHS tape moved rapidly from being too expensive for most, to something that everybody could afford. Most of us have got a pile of old family VHS tapes kicking around the house somewhere. It’s our pleasure to transfer VHS videos to DVD or Digital, so that you can see your loved ones in brilliant colour doing the crazy things that people used to do whenever they saw a video camera.

VHS-C to DVD or HD Digital

VHS-C is a somewhat less common format but was popular with those who had to carry their kit long distances as the small format made it considerably lighter. Introduced in 1982, the VHS-C had a short but productive lifetime before DVDs began to cut into its market. The format is similar to the standard VHS and many people used their standard VHS player with an adapter to play their VHS-C videos. We have specialist equipment to transfer these miniature VHS tapes either to DVD or HD Digital format, as you prefer.

When we transfer VHS / S-VHS or VHS-C we return your original tapes to you, so you have them for your archive. We use only the highest quality transfer equipment to ensure you are delighted with the results.

Mini-DV transfer

Mini-DV video to DVD

The mini-DV arrived in 1995 and had a short-lived vogue, but many people found the length of the Mini-DV very impressive (either 60 or 90 minutes) and as a result, recorded many events. Mini-DV tapes can be transferred either to DVD or Digital HD. We use a variety of equipment to transfer Mini-DV tapes to DVD or Digital HD, including Sony, Canon and JVC machines.

Hi-8mm video transfer to DVD

The Video8 camera arrived in 1985, courtesy of Sony, and it was an instant hit with the average consumer, creating a wave of video use that extended to the commercial market. In 1999 Digital 8mm arrived and both formats can be transferred to DVD or Digital HD depending on your requirements. Just give us a call on 0208 397 5444 to talk about which format will work best for you and we’ll ensure your Video8 or Digital8 arrives in the perfect format for you to enjoy.

Betamax video transfer

It was in 1975 that Betamax introduced their video format. Because Betamax lost the battle for consumers, being more expensive than VCR, there has been limited usage for Betamax ever since, but we are able to transfer those old Betamax tapes to either Digital HD or DVD so you can watch them again and again.

DVD or digital transfer?

Many clients like to have their video tapes transferred directly to Digital and there are a couple of reasons that they may be finding this preferable:

Hi-8mm video to Digital

1. Digital formats don’t degrade or get damaged (fade, crack, scratch, bend) in the way that analogue video did.

2. Digital can be easily uploaded and shared.

It is purely a matter of preference, but there’s no doubt that whether you choose DVD or Digital, you will find it far preferable to analogue, with its risk of damage both to the tapes and to the equipment that you watch them on, which is prone to needing regular cleaning and maintenance.

Teranex 2D

The Blackmagic Design Teranex 2D Processor features an extremely high-quality patented processing technology.

As a result of this demand, we can transfer every kind of video and DV format to Digital AVI HD files in high quality 1080, using a Teranex Broadcast Standards Converter Processor which actually improves the quality of the Digital video file over the original.

Whether you want to supply your own hard-drive or would like us to supply an external hard-drive device for your Digital file storage, we’re here to help. Just call us on 0208 397 5444 or drop us an e-mail at so that we can begin the process of transferring your precious memories.

What to do next

Send your video tapes via ‘Royal Mail Recorded Delivery’ to our address below. Please make sure that your project is well packed in either a padded ‘Jiffy’ bag or a cardboard box. We recommend using ‘bubble-wrap’ for protection. Please enclose your name, address and telephone number.

Rutland Productions
5 Woodall Close
Surrey. KT9 2SJ
United Kingdom

Tel: 0208 397 5444

Once we have received your package, we will telephone you to arrange payment. Cheques are made payable to ‘Rutland Productions’. Please note that Rutland Productions have a minimum charge of £40 + £10 for P&P (up to 2kg*). This includes the first £40 spent.

We return all videos via ‘Royal Mail Recorded Delivery’. Alternatively, you are most welcome to collect them personally or arrange another method of collection.

If you are not in the U.K. please contact us to confirm shipping costs.

(*Packages weighing over 2kg will be quoted.)

Call us today: 0208 397 5444

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