How We Do It

1Your cine film

Your job is handled with the utmost care throughout the transfer process. On receipt of your reels, we examine the cine film for any defects or damage and if necessary, these sections are repaired.

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Rutland Productions use ‘Flashscan’ frame by frame scanning technology in their cine to DVD transfer, rather than the projecting on to a white screen and recording method. This process produces an extremely high quality film transfer.

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4The editing software

All our computer systems operate with ‘Adobe Premiere Pro’ editing software, the professional’s choice for cine transfer production. It is at this stage that we can cut, edit and also colour correct the footage. We can also add titles and a soundtrack of your choice if required.

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3Our computer systems

We have extremely powerful, dedicated computer work-stations specifically for transferring your cine film. We back-up all our transferred files.

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5Saved to a high quality DVD

Once your cine production has been completed on computer, we then save (burn) it to a high quality DVD. We keep a master DVD of your production in our archives (with your permission) should you ever require a copy of your project in the future.

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6The final product

Your order comes in a quality DVD presentation case with a personally designed disk and wraparound sleeve. On completion all the original cine film, along with the finished DVD will be returned to you.

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