Memories are precious – transfer them professionally.

When I was growing up my parents loved taking photographs of us and filming home movies, trying to capture the kind of memories that were to embarrass the life out of us many years later! Riding new bicycles, blowing out candles at birthday parties – they were all pictured and filmed. Unfortunately the technology that was around back then meant we only ever watched the movies on very rare occasions. Setting up the projector and the screen was quite a job. Eventually the equipment became so old that the film started to melt as soon as we played it. So, it seemed like that was the end of that. Fortunately, modern technology has allowed us to restore and transform these old memories and we can bring your cine films, videos and 35mm slides back to life, transferring them to a digital format or DVD.

At Rutland Productions our equipment includes the recently upgraded “High-end” Flashscan high-quality digital scanners. Our German manufactured units are used specifically for the “frame-by-frame” transfer of cine film to DVD and digital format. This eliminates the standard trademark ‘flicker’ that usually occurs when copying directly from a cine-projector and instead produces an extremely high quality film transfer. We also use a top-of-the-range scanner for 35mm slides. Although this equipment costs a lot more than standard cine film transfer machines, when you see the finished product it’s very clear where the money has gone.

Also, we can add a soundtrack of your choice, either from our archives or your own music collection. Music helps to set the mood for your memories and it can really enhance the experience when watching your movie. Your production will also include opening titles and will be packaged in a high-quality, personalised DVD case.
Have a look at our latest Cine Film sample video:

Just before Christmas a family contacted us to help them transfer family home movies of several generations, ranging from 1923 right through to the 1980s. These included black and white 16mm cine film footage of children at the family home playing on the lawn in small “peddle-driven” toy cars, through to 1930s footage of racing cars on the Brooklands track at Weybridge. There was even footage from the Second World War of the “HMS Jackal” sinking German war ships – a great uncle in the family was captain on board the “HMS Jackal”. Somehow the family also had the original DB6 from the early James Bond films in some of the 8mm footage. A variety of formats were transferred including 8mm, 9.5mm and 16mm cine film and Rutland Productions was able to successfully bring them all together, transferring all of the cine film to DVD. We were delighted to be able to help create a unique family history in a modern format that can be kept forever and especially before Christmas.
The quality of your project is very important to us, which is why we undertake the complete process in-house. True, outsourcing to a third party might save a little money, but we want to be 100 percent sure that the work will be to our high standards. This way we know that our clients will be completely satisfied with the end result.

Your job, as with all our projects, will be handled with the utmost care throughout the scanning and transfer process and upon completion all of the original cine film, 35mm slides or videos along with the finished DVD production will be returned by Royal Mail Recorded Post.

We will be delighted to talk to you about your cine film to DVD project or to answer any questions you may have – please feel free to call us on 0208 397 5444.

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