Cine to DVD – why transfer your old film to a new format?

16mm  cine to DVD

Many of us have old cine film kicking around the place – usually in a cardboard box in the loft or at the back of the garage. Often we know what that reel of film contains: old footage of the Jubilee or a wedding film shot by an enthusiastic great uncle. These were the days when a projector was propped up on the dining room table and the homemade cinema screen was an old sheet hung up in the front room. Sometimes we have no idea what precious memories are hidden away on those old films.

Why transfer cine film to DVD?

There are three vital reasons to transfer Cine to DVD

Degradation risk – cine film, whether it’s 8mm cine, 16mm or 9.5mm still degrades. Surprisingly, cine is actually longer lasting than video film, but even so, cine film fails over time, partly as a result of its chemical composition but also because the effects of time and the damage incurred by original viewings can lead to the film quality degrading. Because so many famous old cine films have been transferred to other formats, people can sometimes think their own cine film will somehow survive, but it won’t. Over time, unless transferred, the images on cine film will be lost forever.

Ease of viewing – our hidden past has never been more popular, from ‘lost’ newsreels of World War One through to the joy of researching our family trees. But cine film is not easily accessible. The process of viewing the film can be complicated, even if you have working equipment it has to be assembled and set up and the room darkened and so on. Quite often the equipment doesn’t work that well, and servicing old projectors can be costly and time-consuming. DVD footage, on the other hand, couldn’t be easier to watch, to pause and replay, and to enjoy at leisure.

Joy of rediscovery – precious memories can have been lost for years, even decades. Transferring old cine film to DVD can lead to the rediscovery of long forgotten weddings and birthdays, anniversaries, public holidays and even huge national events.

What’s the process of cine to DVD transfer?

Regardless of the size of your old Cine footage: 8mm, 16mm, 9.5mm, specialist equipment is required to transfer it to DVD. A Digital image specialist works to ensure that your cine footage is seamlessly transferred to its new format so that it can be viewed with ease and pleasure.

With the most sophisticated tools such as editing software, even the most damaged film can be repaired, edits can be made and colour correction undertaken. We can even add titles and sound to your cine film to create a complete ‘cinematic experience’.

Enjoying old cine film at home

You might not have known how precious your film was, until you see it in its new format. Long abandoned recordings might contain irreplaceable memories, and personal insights on national, or even international history. Because we know how important this experience is for you, we send all your material back to you by registered post or courier, so that you can be confident you’ll receive it.

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