8mm cine film to DVD & digital

Professionally Transfer 8mm cine film
to DVD, Blu-Ray or HD digital this year

Rutland Productions use “Flashscan” frame by frame scanning technology in their 8mm cine film to DVD transfer, rather than the ‘projecting on to an old white screen and recording’ technique. Our professional process produces an extremely high quality film transfer.

What’s the best way to transfer your precious
8mm cine film to disk or HD digital?

First of all, there are such great reasons to undertake cine to DVD, Blu-Ray HD or digital transfer. It’s amazing to realise that our great-grandparents (or just grandparents, for those of us who’ve been around a while) were the first generation to be able to record themselves on to film. Those grainy cine films that they used to watch on an old bed sheet pinned to the curtains were the first home movies ever made. Now those old Standard 8mm and Super 8mm cine films transfer to a modern format and become an archive of who we were and how we lived.

Okay, we might flinch at the fashions we wore, or be shocked by old home movies of houses with toilets at the bottom of the garden. We might even giggle at boys with pudding bowl haircuts playing skittles in the street and girls nursing Tiny Tears dolls. But there are many priceless, treasured memories to be regained from those neglected 8mm cine film reels.

Is 8mm cine film conversion to DVD,
Blu-Ray HD or digital safe?

Unlike other systems, our conversion process does not damage your film. We handle every project with the utmost care throughout the transfer and return the original film – whether it’s Standard 8mm or Super 8mm cine film – back to you, along with a professional produced DVD, Blu-Ray HD disk or in digital format (digital AVI files saved on an external hard-drive device, supplied either by yourself or purchased on your behalf).

This technique of cine film to digital production is not universal – many companies use the projector method and their clients are often disappointed with the 8mm cine film to DVD results. What’s worse, their failure to handle the film professionally during the transfer can lead to damage that we must work harder to rectify, when their disappointed clients then ask us to transfer that Standard 8mm or Super 8mm cine film to DVD, in a way that they can actually enjoy watching.

We only use high quality, German manufactured, Flashscan units for all our scanning and this is all carried out in-house. We do not out-source to a third party. In fact, we are currently working for 4 to 5 other cine film transfer houses, so if you do use an alternative company to transfer your films, there is a chance that we will carry out the work.

So why not just transfer your 8mm cine films yourself?

Is it that simple? Yes and no. Converting 8mm film to digital can be done two ways. One way is to copy direct from a projector by pointing a video camera at the screen, which will give a grainy, inferior quality image and this will intensify rather than removes damage to the film. This ‘projecting on to a white screen and recording’ method will also create the trade-mark ‘flicker’ that usually occurs when copying directly from an old cine projector.

The other way is to use high quality transfer equipment for the 8mm cine film transfer costing tens of thousands of pounds – this is our process. At Rutland Productions we use the highest quality imaging technology to scan, transfer and improve film quality so you get the very best viewing experience. These are your memories, your history, your lives. We think they deserve to be treated like any other antique, with respect and careful handling.

Costs for 8mm cine film transfer to DVD,
Blu-Ray HD and digital

Reel length Cost per reel
50ft £14 per reel (Approximately 4 minutes)
100ft £21 per reel (Approximately 8 minutes)
150ft £27 per reel (Approximately 12 minutes)
200ft £35 per reel (Approximately 15 minutes)
250ft £42 per reel (Approximately 18 minutes)
300ft £52 per reel (Approximately 22 minutes)
350ft £60 per reel (Approximately 25 minutes)
400ft £68 per reel (Approximately 28 minutes)
500ft £82 per reel (Approximately 40 minutes)
600ft £94 per reel (Approximately 50 minutes)
800ft £126 per reel (Approximately 60 minutes)
1000ft £150 per reel (Approximately 75 minutes)
1200ft £175 per reel (Approximately 90 minutes)
Additional copies to DVD £10 each
Background music £10 per half an hour

Please note: We do not have any hidden charges in our cine film to DVD transfer.

Turning your Standard 8mm and Super 8mm cine film
in to a cinematic experience

We go the extra distance for our clients. Whether we’re converting Standard 8mm or Super 8mm cine films to DVD, Blu-Ray HD or in digital format for you, or as a gift for somebody else, we make it a real joy. The process begins even before we receive your precious 8mm film for conversion.

Step 1: Look at a really good cine to DVD Transfer Company

Request our cine film sample DVD to see just how we restore and transfer 8mm film to disk. This is a free, no obligation sample and we’re convinced that you’ll see why we’re a cut above the rest.

Step 2: Establish how much professional 8mm transfer will cost

Use the price list we send out with the sample DVD to calculate cost, or download it direct from our website by clicking here. We don’t have any hidden charges, and we undertake to add titles, clean 8mm film, adjust the brightness and contrast, correct the colour and tone and cut out and edit any white leader film as well as removing blank sections. Not only that, we are happy to send you your transferred cine film as AVI files for you to edit yourself, at no extra cost.

Not sure about the reel sizes? Have a look at our 8mm cine film reel size guide below for reference. If you are still unsure, please feel free to give us a call on 0208 397 5444. We would be happy to talk through your cine film project with you over the phone.

Step 3: Receive your results

Then you can just sit back and enjoy your DVD, Blu-Ray HD or digital films.

8mm Cine film reel size guide

8mm cine film reel size guide - 2

How do I package my cine film for DVD transfer?

Please send your precious 8mm cine film reels via Royal Mail Recorded Delivery. We recommend using either a padded/Jiffy bag or a cardboard box to safeguard your cine films and wrapping them in bubble-wrap to ensure they are protected. Remember to include your name, address and telephone number if you’re using our order form. You can download an order form/pricelist from our website.

Our address is:

Rutland Productions
5 Woodall Close
Surrey. KT9 2SJ
United Kingdom

What happens when I’ve sent my 8mm cine film
for transfer?

Once we’ve examined your films we call you to arrange payment. This is based on the Standard 8mm or Super 8mm film lengths, unless you have already sent in your payment with your project. You can estimate the cost of your project by referring to our cine film reel size guide above.

When we’ve completed the transfer of cine film to DVD, we’ll post the original film, plus a beautifully packaged DVD, back to you using recorded delivery, or you can call and collect the results yourself. Alternatively we’ll work with you to find any other collection method that suits you better. For overseas customers, please call to discuss shipping costs with one of our team.

Any other questions about Standard 8mm or Super 8mm cine film transfer to DVD, Blu-Ray HD or digital?

We’re here to help, so whether you have a question about minimum charges, adding music to your production or anything else, please call us on 0208 397 5444 so that we can work with you to ensure that your cine film transfer is the best it can possibly be.

Give us a call today on: 0208 397 5444

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