Superb transfer of 16mm cine film to DVD
Blu-Ray or HD digital

16mm cine film is beautiful material – but it’s also fragile and demanding to work with. Every time it was run through one of those ‘old school’ projectors the cine film itself picked up damage. This means that transferring 16mm to digital is a work of art.

At Rutland Productions we use the finest hardware and software to ensure that your cine film transfers to DVD as cleanly as possible. DVD is not the only option; we’re happy to transfer to Blu-Ray or HD digital if that’s your preference.

Even before your 16mm film enters our MWA 16mm Flashscan production stage, we begin the process of making it look better. We hand inspect and repair damaged sections of cine film to create a seamless transfer from reel of film to digital product. We can also ‘top and tail’ your cine film with an introduction and captions throughout and even add your chosen soundtrack to create a real cinematic experience from your old cine film home movies.

Unlike some other film transfer services, we don’t damage your film in the transfer process so you get your original 16mm film back in as good a condition as you sent it to us, along with the DVD containing the material we’ve transferred. Plus we always add our professional expertise, gained from more than 25 years’ creative experience.

Above is a 16mm 1960s “Post Sugar Crisp” commercial from the US which we transferred to DVD using our high quality MWA 16mm Flashscan unit.

So to summarise, our 16mm cine film transfer process is safe. It does not damage your film. Your project is handled with the utmost care throughout the transfer process and on completion all the original cine film, along with the finished DVD are returned to you.

What is included in my 16mm cine film transfer to DVD?

Hidden costs trip up many people who want to transfer cine film to digital – which is why we’re upfront about everything that’s included in our prices. Our transfer costs are priced per foot and are set out below. These costs include cleaning the film to remove debris, adjusting brightness and contrast to get the best viewing quality, tone and colour correction (some varieties of film do not age well and develop colour casts that can spoil viewing pleasure), cutting and editing any white leader film and blank sections in the reel and adding titles – all this is part of the simple all-inclusive charge. In addition, we are happy to supply your cine film footage as AVI files, for free, if you prefer to edit the material yourself.

Make no mistake, we’re not only the best at transferring cine film to DVD, Blu-Ray or HD Digital, we’re also the cheapest in the long run, because we invest in your 16mm footage to make it as good as possible. We aim for you to be delighted, not disappointed, by your transferred film.

Costs for 16mm cine film transfer to DVD
Blu-Ray or HD digital

Reel length Cost per reel
50ft £14 per reel (Approximately 2 minutes)
100ft £21 per reel (Approximately 4 minutes)
150ft £27 per reel (Approximately 6 minutes)
200ft £35 per reel (Approximately 8 minutes)
250ft £42 per reel (Approximately 10 minutes)
300ft £52 per reel (Approximately 12 minutes)
400ft £68 per reel (Approximately 15 minutes)
500ft £82 per reel (Approximately 20 minutes)
600ft £94 per reel (Approximately 25 minutes)
800ft £126 per reel (Approximately 30 minutes)
1000ft £150 per reel (Approximately 40 minutes)
1200ft £175 per reel (Approximately 48 minutes)
1400ft £210 per reel (Approximately 55 minutes)
1600ft £225 per reel (Approximately 60 minutes)
1800ft £240 per reel (Approximately 70 minutes)
Additional copies to DVD £10 each
Background music £10 per half an hour

Please note: We do not have any hidden charges in our cine film transfer.

The costs above includes adding titles, cleaning the film, brightness and contrast adjustment, tone and colour correction, cutting and editing white leader film and blank sections.

We can also supply your cine films as AVI files free of charge if you wish to edit the footage yourself.

All these additions included in one price to bring your precious cine film footage back to life.

What to do next

Send your 16mm cine films via ‘Royal Mail Recorded Delivery’ to our address below. Please make sure that your project is well packed in either a padded ‘Jiffy’ bag or a cardboard box. We recommend using ‘bubble-wrap’ for protection. Please enclose your name, address and telephone number.

Rutland Productions
5 Woodall Close
Surrey. KT9 2SJ
United Kingdom

Tel: 0208 397 5444

Once we have received your package, we will telephone you to arrange payment. Cheques are made payable to ‘Rutland Productions’. Please note that Rutland Productions have a minimum charge of £40 + £10 for P&P (up to 2kg*). This includes the first £40 spent.

We return all 16mm cine films via ‘Royal Mail Recorded Delivery’. Alternatively, you are most welcome to collect them personally or arrange another method of collection.

If you are not in the U.K. please contact us to confirm shipping costs. (*Packages weighing over 2kg will be quoted.)

Call us today: 0208 397 5444

A B&W 1960s American TV Ad for beer. This 16mm cine film footage was transferred using our high-quality 16mm Flashscan machine and output on to DVD.

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