Transfer your 8mm, 9.5mm & 16mm cine film
to DVD, Blu-Ray and HD Digital.

Now, you can bring those Standard 8mm, Super 8mm, 9.5mm and 16mm cine films back to life by transferring your precious memories onto top-quality DVDs or Blu-Ray disks.

At Rutland Productions, we’ve over 30 years’ design and creative experience. We carry out all transfers in-house to a very high standard. We also transfer VHS, Hi-8mm, Mini-DV, Betamax and 35mm slides.

Our transfer process

Rutland Productions use German “Flashscan” frame by frame scanning technology in their cine film to DVD transfer, rather than the ‘projecting on to a white screen and recording’ method. This process produces an extremely high quality film transfer.

Our process eliminates the standard trademark ‘flicker’ that occurs when copying directly from a cine projector. We carry out all our transfers in-house using top-of-the-range computer systems and software and do not out-source to a third party. We can also add music, introductory headings and captions when transferring your precious cine to DVD.

For our 35mm slide service we scan your images at a high resolution on a Nikon Coolscan machine to maintain the quality and, if necessary, retouch them to breathe new life into those old memories.

Your job will be handled with the utmost care throughout the transfer process. On completion, all the original 8mm cine film, 16mm cine film, 9.5mm cine film, video or 35mm slides along with the finished DVD production are returned by registered post (or courier if the destination is overseas).

We like our customers to see the quality of our work before they transfer their cine film to DVD, so contact us today with your name, address and telephone number for your free copy of a previous production. We also include our price list and order form in this free cine film to DVD pack.

8mm Cine Film Flashscan Scanning

Why choose Rutland Productions?

The quality of your project is extremely important to us when we transfer your cine to DVD, which is why we undertake the complete process in-house. True, outsourcing to a third party might save a little money, but we want to be 100 percent sure that the work will be carried out to our high standards. This way we know that our clients will be completely satisfied with the end result.

We love what we do. For us, transferring videos, 35mm slides, cine film to DVD or a digital format is a passion and we add enthusiasm and commitment to every project we work on.

We will be delighted to talk to you about your cine film to DVD, Blu-Ray and HD Digital, your video transfer or even your 35mm slides to a digital format or to answer any questions you may have.

We hope you enjoy all of the features on the website, like the YouTube samples and the Rutland Productions blog. We have also added links to our Facebook page and our Twitter feed to help us interact with our customers. So, if you would like to get in touch with us or receive news and expert information about 35mm slides, home videos and cine film transfer to DVD, Blu-Ray and HD Digital, just like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and you will receive them directly to your social media account.

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